USAFL Registration

Individuals can register for tournaments at:
A couple of Reminders:

  • Regional tournament registration fees are $25 for men and $15 for women.
  • All players must be registered, sign all waivers including the current COVID-19 waiver and pay the $25 USAFL registration to be eligible.
  • Steps To Register
    1. Login to your USAFL profile and Go to:
    2. Click on ‘Register’ for the tournament(s) you are attending. This will add the tournament(s) to your cart. NOTE: if you have not registered and paid the season registration fee yet this will automatically be added to your registration.
    3. Once you have added all tournaments you’d like to register for Click ‘View Cart’
    4. Review the cart then Click ‘Checkout’. NOTE: If you remove a tournament from your cart and return to the the status for that tournament will display as pending instead of the link to register. If you encounter this, contact us at and we’ll reset your cart for you.
    5. Complete Billing Information then click ‘Review Order’.
    6. Ensure all information is correct then click ‘Submit’.
    7. You will be taken to PayPal to complete payment. You can select to make payment with either a card or PayPal account.

New Players will need to first complete a user profile at: Then follow the steps above.