A Philly Special

This trip to Philadelphia and subsequent write-up is graciously sponsored by one of our beloved partners, Akalo.

Guns blazin’ off the back of our successful trip to Washington D.C just weeks earlier, the Magpies Men were primed and ready to rumble in our annual trip to Philadelphia. Knowing that the Hawks players are easily rattled, the Magpies decided to play a few extra mind games and go the wrong direction on the bus, delaying our arrival by two hours. Needless the say, the cages of these timid birds had been well and truly shaken.

After a strong start and eventual goals from Matt ‘Squid/Hunter/Windows’ Barlett, Kane ‘three-quarter snip’ Pedler, and Matt ‘Male Model’ Djordjevic the hawks regained some of their much lacking composure. Thus begun an old fashioned goal for goal shoot out that lasted for much of the games duration. The boys were pressured many times, but with an engine room that included Peter ‘Palm Springs’ Nelson, Connor ‘Twinkle Toes’ Delves, and Karl ‘His name is Karl?’ Schoenmaekers the Magpies were able to steady the ship multiple times and deliver the desired four points for our troubles.

Honorable mention must of course go to our resident loose-in-the-backline skipper, Shane ‘Why’s his gut look like that?’ Lowry, for twice telling coach of the day, Adam ‘Vape God’ Marr, to get lost when attempting to be subbed to the bench for a rest. Can’t help but get that extra cardio in, hey Pud?

Herein the story concludes as the hard fought victory caused the boys to be very sleepy and very tired. Everyone slept the rest of the bus ride all the way back to New York.

Philadelphia Hawks: 4.4 (28)
New York Magpies: 6.5 (41)
Goals: Djordjevic 3, Pedler 1, Bartlett 1, Orr 1
Best: Djordjevic, Delves, Schoenmaekers, P. Nelson, Naylor.

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