Season 2019 kicks off in style

Washington DC Eagles vs NY Magpies, 04/27/19

As the frost thawed from another winter in the City the players of the mighty New York Magpies started to remember that the sun and outside activities existed. It was not long until training began in earnest and with some handy new recruits showing up there was a real buzz around the club in the early sessions.

The birth of a Magpie

Saturday the 27th of April provided the Magpies with their first opportunity to test out the hard work on the track with both teams taking a day trip down to Washington D.C. to face off against a Washington Eagles team still in the embryonic stages of their development. Many a snooze was had during the long ride down the I-95 where quiet whispers of conversations could be heard mixed in with the occasional soft snore.

Greeting the Magpies upon their arrival were gale force winds that were blowing harder than Sean Holmesby does after someone gives him a microphone. Newly announced joint captains, Karl “Schuey” Schoenmaekers and Connor “Conman” Delves stumbled at their first hurdle, losing a key toss, which would result in the Magpies kicking into a genuine six-goal breeze in the first quarter. Washington perhaps played their strongest football in the opening minutes. Despite rarely threatening their own goal with the huge wind advantage, New York was struggled to assert their dominance in the early going. This all changed after crowd favorite Troy ‘Ragdoll’ Danilo manage to slot an impressive goal from the pocket. The Magpies rightly felt pleased with themselves at quarter time due to keeping the opposition scoreless thanks in large part to the ever-impressive Basil “Fawlty” Benjamin holding down the fort at fullback.

The Magpies stamped their authority on the match in the second quarter. With debutant Matt‘Hammer’ Carlsson feeding the ball to the ever-hungry Conman from the ruck, there was little the Eagles could do to stop the onslaught that was to come. Having the ball on a string and showing little to no respect for the opposition, Schuey lead from the front in all aspects. In the midst of tearing the game apart the inspiring leader decided to have a shot at goal from nigh on 70 meters out that nearly ripped his hamstring from his leg. After avoiding serious injury the captain would go on to get his goal thanks to a clever chest mark in the goal square.

How to hold your brain in

Playing with a healthy lead from the first half, Coach Shane ‘Pud’ Lowry decided to swing the changes in the lineup freeing up Luke Schoen up forward proved a masterstroke as he was able to snag a couple of goals. Strong defensive play from the club’s favorite German, Michael “Mickey” Hiebl and stalwart Adam “Ringo” Marr was not enough to prevent the Eagles from finally putting a score on the board as the home team scrounged together a couple of behinds to ensure no lap was required after the game. The third quarter was without a doubt home to the most controversial play of the game involving local heartthrob Conman.
The co-captain was brilliant all day but was devastated to have a real goal of the year contender called back by the Umpire. There was no calming down the silky midfielder for the rest of the day. There are rumors he is still going on about it at this very moment you are reading this.

The Magpies put the cue in the rack early in the last quarter but still managed to extend their lead. New recruit Ishaan “Ishy” Saraswat showed off his dash and pace and kicked a goal, Pud decided he would guard space in the forward line rather than fresh grass in the backline and somehow stumbled into a goal or two. First game Adam ‘Stickers’ Craver was very impressive throughout the game and continued to move well towards the end of the match. All told the Magpies would run away to an easy victory to start the season but are keenly aware of the tougher mountains to climb ahead.

DC Eagles 00.06.06
NY Magpies 11.15.81
Goals: Schoenmaekers 2, Schoen 2, Lowry 2, Delves 2, Danilo 1, Daniels 1, Saraswat 1
Best: Schoenmaekers, Delves, Carlsson, Hiebl, Lowry, Saraswat, Barlaz, Danilo, Cunningham

NY Magpies 11.15.81
Goals:Schoenmaekers 2, Schoen 2, Lowry 2, Delves 2, Danilo 1, Daniels 1, Saraswat 1
Best:Scheuy, Delves, Carlsson, Hiebl, Lowry, Saraswat, Barlaz, Danilo, Cunningham

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