ANZAC Cup – a battle for the ages

New York Magpies (Men) vs Montreal Saints
What better way to welcome Spring than a sunny Saturday afternoon playing the first game of the season against the Montreal Saints. With the sun out and hardly any wind, you couldn’t have asked for better conditions to play Footy. It is exciting to see lots of new faces donning the Magpies jersey, both Australian and non-Australian, which is sure to give the Magpies some great depth throughout the season.

The game started off as a scrappy affair but the Magpies put on early goals which gave them a bit of breathing room. Being clean around the ball proved to be key, as Jack Osborn, a new Aussie recruit, demonstrated throughout the match. Osborn had the skills to break the game open and was voted “best on ground.” Other impressive new Australian recruits included Barone-Nugent, Pedler, and Daniels while the new American standouts were Hough, Oliver, and Bowman. The engine room for the Magpies consisted of Jankie in the center busting tackles, along with Hampus & Karl (Twoey) who set up the forwards with plenty of opportunities.

Both teams lost a bit of structure as the game progressed and the Saints were able to sneak in a few goals in an effort to bridge the gap in the 3rd quarter. A few quick replies from Magic and Conman late in the quarter allowed the Pies to hold their lead of 33 points going into the last. The Pies attempted to put the game away with the first few goals of the quarter but seemed to become a little complacent with their lead allowing for a run of 4 unanswered goals midway through the last quarter. The Pies held on to win their first game of the season by 21 points, a great way to celebrate ANZAC day.

New York: 2.3, 6.4, 9.7, 12.9 (81)
Montreal: 0.0, 1.3, 4.4, 9.6 (60)

Murphy 3, Delves 3, Franklin, Jankie, Hough, Desai, Barlaz, Naylor

Osborn, Schoenmakers, Lehane, Jankie, Lowry, Delves.

The New York Magpies take on the Montreal Angels
by Meg Ford

The Magpie women took to the field this past weekend against their cordial French-Canadian counterparts. The Canadians traveled heavy and New York was joined by Boston to meet demand. The first quarter was dominated by French-Canadian flair allowing minimal opportunities for possession. Grace “KaPow” Koplow quickly set the pace with hard hits and a quest for ball possession. Despite this tenacity Montreal was able to put the first points on the board.

In one of her best performances to date Lauren “Scrappy” Skonieczny dominated in her role as a center forward. Playing a tough defensive side she was able to move the ball deeper into the forward line. Another standout performance was that of Jess Taylor; the Aussie gone New Yorker. She took to the field in a gleaming debut performance as a Magpie. Jess claims additional distinctions for being the first Australian to have never previously played footy before joining the Magpies.

Comparable to a sea of swarming kindergarteners playing their first soccer game on a crisp fall day. The Magpies roster which includes seven perfectly prime new players still have a thing or two to learn about open space. During the fourth quarter, Boston stalwart Cailin Deal found herself in an unfamiliar position as she’s usually in the defense with a shot on goal. Deal just missed hitting the post, which came crashing down in an expertly designed manner. The last minutes of the game were a frantic battle for the Magpies to put a goal through. Magpie veteran Sam “howls it going” Wolf was able to narrow the margin with a toe poke that just missed the goal. However their efforts weren’t enough to surpass the sticky fingered ball hungry Canadians. The score ended at 0.3.3 to 0.2.2 with Canada reining supreme. Leaving the defeated New York Magpies to question “just why are Canadians so nice?”.

New York: 0.2 (2)
Montreal: 0.3 (3)

Koplow, Skonieczny, Taylor

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