Clare Algozin Named Vice Captain for USA Liberty

We are excited to announce that Clare Algozin has been selected as Vice Captain of the USA Liberty team.

Clare started playing with the New York Magpies in 2015 after coming along to the Montreal Tournament as a spectator. “I knew the basics from watching some games during my visits to Australia a few years ago,” she said. “I was asked to run water for the tournament, which was stressful and didn’t seem to be as fun as actually playing. So I went to the next training after the tournament and joined the team. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

“My favorite thing about this sport is the both the physicality it requires and the diversity of players it allows. There’s a place on the field for everyone and no matter your size or shape or skill level, there’s always a strategy to use what you’ve got. I don’t need to be tall to be a good forward or be the fastest person out there, but there’s always something to improve on or a skill to develop and I love that.”

This season will be Clare’s third with the New York Magpies. “Although I wouldn’t have considered myself a ‘veteran’ as only a second year player with the Lady Pies, the huge number of rookies we managed to recruit last year meant that I ended up taking on a larger role both on and off the field, which was amazing and taught me a lot.”

Lady Magpies Head Coach and Liberty Backline Coach, Christina Licata, spoke highly of Algozin saying, “I certainly wasn’t surprised when Clare’s name came up in the leadership selection process. Clare has shown such a determination and curiosity for the game. She continues to dedicate herself to pushing past her limits in terms of her skills and fitness. Her appetite for learning and improving is one to be mimicked. I’ve seen her grow so much as a player, leader, and person over these past two years. I couldn’t be happier with the coaching team’s choice.”

This will be Clare’s first season with the USA Liberty. “I’m very excited to be stepping into this leadership position as one of the team’s vice captains. Even though I know I personally still have a lot of room to grow, I’m looking forward to learning and leading alongside this team.”

Clare will be heading to Melbourne in August with the USA Liberty as part of the development tour taking place alongside the 2017 International Cup. “I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to play local clubs and learn from women who grew up playing this sport. As only a third-year player and an American, I’m curious to see where I stack up and how I can improve as a player and how we can grow as a team.”

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