2016 End of Season Awards Night

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The New York Magpies celebrated a fantastic 2016 season this December with an awards night to honor the players and club members who have contributed both on and off of the field throughout the year. In addition to the three Baby Pies that were born this year, the team celebrated Grace Koplow, James Andreozzi, Eddy Heppt and Marcus Jankie who were named MVPs this season. First-time coach, Sean Holmsby, was named Magpie of the year, and the Coach’s Award went to Drea Casillas. Check out the full list of winners below:

MVP (Non-National) – Marcus Jankie
MVP – James Andreozzi & Eddy Heppt
Lady Magpies MVP – Grace Koplow
Magpie of the Year – Sean Holmesby
Coach’s Award – Ben Niergarth
Lady Magpies Coach’s Award – Drea Casillas
Nationals MVP Division 3 (Non-National) – Judd Kozikowski
Nationals MVP Division 3 – Andrew Manfredi
Nationals MVP (Non-National) – Angus Twopeny
Nationals MVP – Dan Lehane
Lady Magpies Nationals MVP – Natalie Wolff
Rookie of the Year – Harry O’Sullivan
Lady Magpies Rookie of the Year – Emily Eastlake
Lady Magpies Side by Side Award – Janet Beyersdorf & Ari Lockett
Mark of the Year – Shane Lowry
Goal of the Year – Toby Carrington
Golden Boot – Matt Lovell
Lady Magpies Golden Boot – Kim Hemenway
Rob Oliver Award (State of the Origin) – Sam Jess
NYCAFL MVP – Brenton Hocking
Lady Magpies NYCAFL MVP – Kirsten Jade Russell

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