NYCAFL 2016 Champions

Friday August 5th saw the completion of the 2016 NYCAFL Tournament being played out at Randall’s Island.

In the women’s competition, the Sirens came out to an early lead in the first half of the game with the strength of KJ Russell out of the midfield. While the defensive pressure on the footy was relentless from the Divas, they didn’t seem to have answer for the Sirens until after the break at the second half.

Joanne Rémillard, coming back for her first game since injury, injected energy and much needed speed into the midfield for the Sirens, along with always consistent and hard hitting Grace Koplow.

The Divas clicked with seamless communication and started passing the footy out the back of the packs to Captain Drea Casillas, who always seemed to be there. Casillas kicked 2 in the half pushing all the way up from her position in the backline.

In the end, the Divas still fell short on the scoreboard losing the final by just 2 goals.

Subway Sirens: 6.0 (36)
East River Divas: 4.0 (24)
Sirens Goals: Russell 3, Lawless 2, Gormley, Wolf.
Divas Goals: Casillas 2, Jauregui, Koplow.
Best: Russell, Lawless, Casillas, Koplow, Rémillard.

Sirens Premiers 2

For the men’s competition, the Village Bohemians and the Suburban Tollmen had earned the right to play in the Grand Final, edging out the Times Square Tourists throughout the intraclub season. Both teams featured tall, athletic ruckman that challenged each other at every content. Will Harris, in his first game, played a crucial role for the Bohos, while Eddy Buckingham’s return to football saw him work well with the Trash midfield. The Bohos missed tall forward Matt Lovell, as they struggled to make much of an impact on the scoreboard in the first half.

The second half saw a strong Trash defence hold strong, with Judd Kozikowski and Andrew Senyszyn blocking many Boho advances. Sam Jess played a key forward role, and he appropriately had the ball in his hands as the final siren went.

The Trash won the close match by just 3 points, breaking Boho aspirations of going back to back.

Suburban Tollmen (Trash): 8.0 (48)
Village Bohemians (Bohos): 7.3 (45)
Trash Goals: Holmesby 2, Lopez 2, Polulach, Mirtschin, Buckingham, Muller.
Boho Goals: Hocking 3, Twopeny 2, B. Davis, Walsh.
Best: Harris, Mirtschin, Buckingham, Holmesby, Senyszyn, Hocking, Twopeny.

Trash Premiers 2

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