Richard Marian

20130907_150456_resized_1Place of Birth: Perth, which is according to a recent NY Times article “More hipster than Williamsburg”.
Current Residence: West Village, NYC
Profession: CFO
Favourite Footy Team: Freo Dockers
How did you get involved in footy?: Schoolyard in Perth
What do you like most about footy?: Taking hangers. Preferably over Juice
Position: On ball, but just happy to be on the park these days!
Aspirations: To see Freo win a flag in my lifetime
Favourite Drink: The Blaster (Capt. Morgans, half ginger, half coke) – try it!
Favourite Food: 1/2 Chicken & Chips from Chicken Treat (or Red Rooster for you east coasters)
Favourite Movie: Borat. Very Nice!
Most Favourite Thing: Watching Borat while drinking blasters and eating chicken & chips
Random Pieces of Info: I can fluently speak one languages.

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