Janet Beyersdorf

JanetPlace of Birth: Midland, Michigan
Current Residence: A basement in South Brooklyn
Profession: Hopefully, this will say High School History Teacher really soon.
Favourite Footy Team: North Melbourne
How did you get involved in footy?: I lived in Melbourne as a kid and then we moved (back) to the U.S. and my dad got involved in the USAFL. I moved to Brooklyn last summer and found out that these awesome women had a team and immediately jumped on that wagon.
What do you like most about footy?: Is it too cheesy for me to say “everything!”…? Because I love everything.
Position: I just want to play! But… I’ll tentatively say Full Forward.
Aspirations: I aspire to have a real job so I can spend more time playing footy and less time putting pieces of fruit on sticks into Edible Arrangements.
Favourite Drink: Water! And coffee.
Favourite Food: I like to eat as long as it isn’t meat.
Favourite Movie: Picking a favorite movie is like the day of the week. It’s always changing. But I love Planet Earth and my Presidents documentaries series from PBS.
Most Favourite Thing: I have two dogs who I love more than life.
Random Piece of Info: I sleep in a hammock and it’s amazing.

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