Ed McCormick

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Hoboken, NJ
Profession: Hedge Fund Manager
Favourite Footy Team: The Magpies (NY & Collingwood)
How did you get involved in footy?: Brother-in-law talked me into it.
What do you like most about footy?: Teammates–The men and women of the Pies are individually and collectively an amazing group of people.
Position: Full Forward or where I’m needed most
Aspirations: To have one more national championship than Jimmy V.
Favourite Drink: Anything on tap after a Magpie victory
Favourite Food: A cheesesteak from Garrett Hill Food Market
Favourite Movie: South Park
Most Favourite Thing: Nancy’s continued patience regarding my hobby
Random Pieces of Info: Was Kevin Bacon’s next door neighbor and am Chris Mathews’ cousin

**Ed McCormick is currently the Chairman of the Board for the New York Magpies and long-time veteran of the club.

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