Rosemary Beer

Name: Rosemary Beer
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
Current Residence: East Village, New York
Profession: Advertising
Favourite Footy Team: Hawthorn
How did you get involved in footy?: Jimmy Polulach, Andy Brennan and Adam Scholem were regulars at Eight Mile Creek where I worked when I first got to New York. They invited me along.
What do you like most about footy?: The camaraderie at the club.
Position: Wing. Or the bench
Favourite Drink: Mojitos. Water.
Favourite Food: Pad Thai. I’m a connoisseur.
Favourite Movie: Fight Club
Most Favourite Thing: My snowboard

**Rosemary, one of 4 Aussie Lady Magpies, will soon return to OZ after a year in the Big Apple.  Rosemary boasts the title of best Magpie surname…obviously.

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