NY Defeats Old Rivals Boston in a Tough Clash

No matter what the sporting contest is, New York vs. Boston is always a big rivalry and Aussie Rules Football is no different. New York has won the past few encounters with Boston, but they have been brutally tough games and this one proved to be much the same.

Boston came out firing on their home ground and neither team was able to establish any dominance in general play. However, as the first half wore on the Magpies clicked into gear.  The combination of Brennan and Bowen was proving a handful for the Boston defenders, combining for a couple of goals. McMaster, Polulach and Mason provided plenty of attack from half back, while Watts, Broerer and Desai were doing their jobs in the middle. The ruck combination of Mantzaris and Buckingham was working well and NY kicked away to a 3 goal lead. However, in the shadows of half time a scuffle broke out which seemed to wake Boston and lift their work rate, kicking 2 crucial goals to go into the break just 5 points down with all the momentum.

The Magpies coach was visibly upset and delivered an old fashioned spray to the players. Whatever he said must have worked as the Pies responded to the challenge and came out of full of run.

The Pies finally straightened up their kicking.  The goals from Bowen, Mitchell, Speilman and Brennan were a great reward for the work up the field of Tornay, Watts, Broerer and Solly. The backline, led by Daniher, Caldwell and Georgiou, continued their tight match-ups, while the run and carry of McMaster, Polulach and Thompson ensured the Magpies ran out comfortable winners.

Half time:       NY 3.1.19       Boston 2.2.14

Final:          NY 8.3.51       Boston 3.9.27

Goals:  Bowen 5, Mitchell, Brennan, Spielman

Best:    Bowen, Brennan, Georgiou, Watts, McMaster

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