NY Goes Down to BWE by 2 points in a Scorcher

In oppressive heat going past 100ºF (over 37ºC for the Aussies amongst us), the BW Eagles chased down the Magpies in the last quarter to snatch victory in a game that saw 2 of the top teams in the country go head to head.

It was an even contest in the first quarter with both sides trying to stamp their authority on the game.  Early goals by the Magpies saw them skip away to a handy lead midway through the first quarter, but a couple of late goals by the Eagles kept the contest even. At the first break, the Magpies led 4.0. (24) to BWE 3.3. (21). The second quarter saw much of the same with both teams going hard at the footy. The players were certainly relieved to see the half time siren come, so they could have a break. At the main change, the Magpies were still in charge 7.2. (44) to BWE 5.4. (34).

The third quarter can only be described as an arm wrestle as both sides traded goals as the game was quickly becoming a war of attrition.  The Eagles came out firing in the last quarter and piled on two quick goals to take the lead. But to their credit the Magpies never gave up. In a game that could have gone either way, inaccurate kicking in front of goal in the last quarter cost the Magpies dearly. New York had 3 shots on goal in the last 2 minutes of the game, but all were offline and the Eagles held on by 2 points. A great team effort by both sides who are bound to be thereabouts again this year at the Nationals.

Q1: NY 4.0. (24) to BWE 3.3. (21)

Q2: NY 7.2. (44) to BWE 5.4. (34)

Q3: NY 9.3. (57) to BWE 7.8. (50)

Q4: NY 9.8. (62) to BWE 9.10. (64)

NY Goals: Andy Brennan 3, Sam Mitchell 2, Sani 2, Chris Georgiou, Walt Lin

NY Best: Solly, Brennan, Lin, Georgiou, Batty

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