NY overcome a determined Philly in wet weather

New York travelled to Philadelphia to take on the much improved Philly Hawks. With heavy, persistent rain throughout the day, the pies could tell early it was going to be a tough game. In old fashioned wet weather footy, the Hawks jumped out of the blocks early while the Magpies had another slow start. This saw the Pies down by a few goals at 1/4 time, which was equivalent to about 5 goals on a dry day. The deficit would have been larger if not for the strong work of Captain Brennan, Walker and Puvi.

The challenge was put to the Pies to respond and respond they did. Led by veterans Lin, Desai and Smiley in the midfield, the Pies fought to get first to the ball. Further support was given by Oui and Lehane who kicked it into full gear as well as the excellent defense of Lewis, Lyndon and Thompson. Toby and Demao provided strong forward line pressure and Buckingham straightened up the team. A much improved second quarter saw the Pies take an important 11 point lead into the main break.

In the 3rd quarter CHF Walker went down with a hamstring injury forcing a shift in the lineup as Mantzaris moved forward, the big diesel (McCormack) headed back to provide more support, and McMaster, on one leg shifted into the middle. These moves, along with great crumbing by Guarino, ensured that the Pies kept the lead at 3/4 time.   

The last quarter was a ‘win at all costs’ affair for both teams. Pollulach continued his good performance from the half back with a penetrating right boot and Lewis, Desai and Lin were in every play. Pat Builder also won some important contests with his hard running. As the Hawks attempted to mount one final challenge, the Magpies shut them down with a great goal from McMaster and then the goal of the day from the boundary line by Oui which ultimately sealed the game. 

After suffering a few injury riddled seasons Walt Lin returned to his best with a ‘best on ground’ effort. He said after the game “the boys were pretty happy to come away from the game with a win. Philly is always tough and especially on their home ground we knew it was going to be a long day and we were just lucky to get points in the end.”

Coach Ormsby echoed those thoughts and noted: “Walt was tremendous for us today. That’s the sort of a ability he has so now the challenge for him is to follow up with a repeat performance. OJ, Smiley and Lewis were also very good but it was more pleasing that we got a solid contribution from all 22 players which resulted in a win”.


NY 1.4.10 Ph 3.1.19

NY 4.8.32 Ph 3.3.21

NY 5.10.40 Ph 5.3.33

NY 7.13.55 Ph 5.5.35


Georgiou 3, Brennan, McMaster, Guarino, Desai 


Lin, Georgiou, Desai, Brennan, Lewis

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