2010 NYCAFL Draft Huge Success

The recent NYCAFL Draft saw the strongest and deepest turnout in Magpies history. In all, 34 players with a significant amount of talent participated in the 2010 draft.

There was much speculation and hype on who would be taken No.1. with many analysts predicting either Dave Wittmer or Greg Smith to be the first pick. However Dave’s planned holiday in the middle of the season and Greg’s date night for the opening NYCAFL round seemed to spook the recruiting managers of each team. In other pre draft moves Sammy Mitchell tried to increase his currency in the market by including a friend as a package deal and it seemed as if the talls of McMaster and Buckingham, who were rumoured to be top 3 picks, appeared to be overlooked in favor of midfielders, which could prove a costly mistake.

In the end the 1st overall pick in the 2010 NYCAFL Draft was Chris Georgiou, with James McLoughlin (pistol) picked at No. 2 and Greg Smith and Dave Wittmer going at 3rd and 4th respectively. New sensation Sani was the top American drafted, followed by Matt Ardley (Canadian but close enough), Brad Davis and Dan Lehane. In the top draft pick skull offs Greg Smith and Sani took the honors in what could be an omen for the season. 

Due to uncertainty surrounding injuries and availabilities, a few big names slipped down the draft order and could prove to be bargain pickups.

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