Magpies down Florida in gruelling contest

Facing Florida for the first time in a few years on May 1st,  the Magpies had a few butterflies. The game got off to a scrappy start as both teams fought hard to win the contested ball. Buckingham started on top in the ruck and his midfielders (Witmner, Hocking, Buxton and Smith) responded by continually sending the ball forward to Walkington, Sani, Walker and McCormick, who ensured the Magpies had a 5 goal lead at half time. McMaster and Flavel controlled the air, while Davis, Lewis, and Lin played with composure and experience beyond their years to ensure plenty of attack from the backline.

The conditions were taxing on the all players and both teams kept up the intensity in the second half. It was a hard fought second half and McCormick, Mantzaris, Guarino, and Desai all worked hard through the middle. The back line continued their pressure with Polulach, Desai and Puvi running hard and finding plenty of the ball. Big Toby and Buckets made sure that work up the field was rewarded with scoreboard pressure.

Brennan, Mitchell, and Hawkins were excellent roaming across the middle and forward line.  In true MVP fashion, JD kicked a goal with his first kick of the year proving it was always going to be the Magpies’ day. Walkington added the exclamation point and the Magpies ran out comfortable winners.

NY Magpies 10.7.67
Florida 1.3.9

Goals – Brennan 2, Sani 2, Toby, Hawkins, Walkington, JD, Mitchell Davis, Walker
Best – Wittmer, Georgiou, Smith, Sani, Davis

Take a peek at all the photos.

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