Chris Norman

chris normanPlace of Birth: Tongala, home to the “Golden Cow”, the “most progressive” Dairy Centre in Oz. According to wiki also home to a recently opened ‘Donkey Retreat’ providing “care and shelter for abused, abandoned donkeys rescued throughout Victoria.” (Population, 1623)
Current Residence: With two cool chicks and a guy in Chelsea
Profession: Finance
Favourite Footy Team: The NY Pies
How did you get involved in footy?: Dad was coach of my older brothers junior team, so it was footy or roller-skate around the dairy with my big sister
What do you like most about footy?: Bus trips and the inevitable visit to ABC lounge
Position: Hidden somewhere down back
Aspirations: To receive a handball from Jimmy, or see him kick a drop punt
Favourite Drink: Milk (it’s not the same not out of the vat. And it is not a food)
Favourite Food: Mum’s chocolate pudding
Favourite Movie: Same as everyone’s, Old School
Most Favourite Thing: Vegas, poolside.
Random Piece of Info: When a little fella I was bitten by a dingo.

**Chris’ biggest regret in life is booking a Sunday flight back from Nationals this year. Rookie mistake.

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