Caitlin Reller

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesotacaitlin
Current Residence: Kensington…what what, Brooklyn!
Wah..I have an art degree.
Favourite Footy Team:
The one Jaaiine is on.
How did you get involved in footy?:
I was forced…seriously dragged out of the house and forced to go to Jersey by my roommates.  Little did they know I’d be the prodigy they all have come to fear.
What do you like most about footy?:
Being the MVP and the endless praise Christina sings to me.
Wherever my perfected skills are needed.
To learn how to catch and pick up the ball instead of kicking it on the ground like a soccer player.  I dream big.
Favourite Drink:
Coffee in the am 
Favourite Food:
Favourite Movie:
Funny ones or documentaries 
Most Favourite Thing:
My notoriously stinky Killer 
Random Piece of Info:
I know how to weld and I bedazzled all of my safety gear…seriously.

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