Sarah Sattin

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgiasarah
Current Residence: East Village – in the tiniest but cutest apartment.
Profession: Nonprofit
Favourite Footy Team: NY Magpies, duhh!!
How did you get involved in footy?: I met some of the Lady Pies in my PunkRope class in January – the theme of the class was Australia!
What do you like most about footy?: Tackling girls twice my size (or at least pretending like I can) – and umm, the boys definitely help.
Position: Umm, whatever they put me in? I still don’t know the names of the positions.
Aspirations: Be a trophy wife.  Actually, find a way to travel and make good money doing it – without dealing with annoying tourists all the time.
Favourite Drink: My drink of choice now is vodka, seltzer with a splash of cranberry. Although, nothing tops a good tequila shot.
Favourite Food: Mmmm Sushi!
Favourite Movie: RENT. I’m definitely obsessed – more obsessed with the play though.
Most Favourite Thing: Costa Rica!!!!
Random Piece of Info: I have really weird phobias – I’m terrified of dancing mechanical Santas, Christopher Walken, and old people.

**Through her new found passion for footy, Sattin has recently revisited the basketball days of her youth by jamming almost every finger on both hands.  Just look for the lady with the tape.

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