The New York Magpies are more than just a footy club. We are a globally recognized expat organization!


There are so many things you need to take on when you move to a new city, so why not utilize a ready-made community that can get you settled quickly! Since we have long-standing partnerships with the majority of US networking associations like American Australian Association and Advance, services in law, taxation, international mortgages, travel and career advice are only a phone call away. Key sponsors and other Australian affiliates in the US not only make the club what it is today by providing support and funding, but they also love to treat the Magpies as friends by offering club members special deals & discounts to consistently tighten the strength of the Magpie community.


It’s never easy to create a home in a new place but when you join the NY Magpies, the friends you make and the people you meet are life-long friends. With alumni numbering in the thousands, a Magscene newsletter distribution list of over 5000, and a playing list in 2009 of near 100 men and women, there is never a shortage of anyone looking for a beer.


With the hustle and bustle of New York City and the lack of park land, it can be very easy to forget about your health. Joining the NY Magpies is a weekly release to leave all the stress and worries behind. Even if you are not a player of Australia’s great game, we are always looking for umpires, runners, training coordinators, or simply just supporters to share the load at training and game day.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!