Pie Pickup

Hi Everyone
Pie pickup day is nearly here – Monday August 16th
On day of pickup if you need to contact someone you can email me (isaac.a.martin@gmail.com) or reach on 845-682-4584.
If you would like to change your pickup location that is fine, you can just turn up at either pickup spot.

Pies will be frozen in a large freezer bag – a full box (24 pies) is about the size of a large shoebox.
Drivers will be wearing New York Magpies merch so you can find us – keep an eye on social media for any non-urgent updates and any urgent updates will come via email. Hoping this is the last time we need to contact you though!

Manhattan | 5pm – 6pm
Pickup will be as mentioned previously in Financial District, at Zucotti Park. We will be on the Liberty Street Side of the park – where this pin is.

Brooklyn | 6:30pm – 8pm
Pickup will be at Brooklyn Bridge Park pier 5. The team will be training on the most westerly field if you (or your kids) are interested in kicking the football around. However the car with the pies will be parked on Bridge Park Drive.