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Center for Spine Care + Mobility

NY Magpies Integrated Practice

Here’s an article from our great sponsor CSC+M who are helping us get our bodies right for the National championships! 212-475-8104 915 Broadway @ 21st, Suite 1106 New York, NY 10010 Dynamic Warm-Up, Static Stretching, & Injuries I remember in college at the beginning of the season our coach would always say, β€œthis is […]

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Autumn “Summer” Ervin

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois Current Residence: Poughkeepsie, New York aka “upstate NY” Profession: I teach biology/anatomy & physiology at a community college. Favourite Footy Team: #1 has to be NY Magpies (though I did start out as an Arizona Lady Hawk) How did you get involved in footy?: A friend asked if I’d like […]

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Melissa Fudor

Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY Favorite Footy Team: Brisbane Lions What do you like most about footy?The spirit – the aggression, the all in, the rush! Position: Anywhere I’m tackling Aspirations: To tackle you in the near future Favorite Drink: Tequila & Ginger Favorite Food: Mexican Favorite Show: Homeland! Most Favorite […]

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Janet Beyersdorf

Place of Birth: Midland, Michigan Current Residence: A basement in South Brooklyn Profession: Hopefully, this will say High School History Teacher really soon. Favourite Footy Team: North Melbourne How did you get involved in footy?: I lived in Melbourne as a kid and then we moved (back) to the U.S. and my dad got involved […]

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