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Richard Marian

Place of Birth: Perth, which is according to a recent NY Times article “More hipster than Williamsburg”. Current Residence: West Village, NYC Profession: CFO Favourite Footy Team: Freo Dockers How did you get involved in footy?: Schoolyard in Perth What do you like most about footy?: Taking hangers. Preferably over Juice Position: On ball, but […]

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Lissette Hinojosa

Place of Birth:  Queens, NY Current Residence: Somewhere on a Long Island. Profession:  Special Education Mathematics Teacher Favorite Footy Team:  The Magpies, duh How did you get involved in footy?:  Once Melo told me he played, I knew this was something I had to see. Of course, he wouldn’t allow me to watch unless it […]

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Sam Magpie

Sam Wolf

Place of Birth: Jenkintown, PA, a one square mile town just outside of Philly that you’ve probably never heard of Current Residence: Harlem, New York Profession: Children’s Book Publishing Favourite Footy Team: Lady Pies How did you get involved in footy?: A friend brought me to a game and after-party at the Australian. I was […]

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Alison Vorsatz

Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA Current Residence: Greenwich Village, NYC Profession: Global Consulting and Tech Sales Favourite Footy Team: Lady Pies How did you get involved in footy?: Back in August of 2007, I drove across the country with one of my best friends, Jeff, to help him move into his Brooklyn apartment. He […]

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Brad Davis

Place of Birth: New York Current Residence: Manhattan, NY Favorite Footy Team: I’m a free agent for AFL fandom. Position: Operations for Management team, Defense on the field Aspirations: Look like I know what I’m doing…on the playing field. Favorite Drink: Benton’s Old Fashioned (Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned) Favorite Food: Stewed Eggplant with minced ham […]

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Bryan Caine

Place of Birth: Abington (Philadelphia), PA Current Residence: Harlem, NY Favorite Footy Team: Magpies (NY & Collingwood) Best Thing About Being a Coach: The moment practiced skills become instinct, when individual development translates into team success, and to be accepted among this crew of awesome ladies. Position: Ladies’ Assistant Coach, Men’s Full Back, & Club […]

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