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Mike (Magic) Murphy

Place of Birth: NYC’s NYU Medical Center, 1st Ave and 33rd Street, Room 607. Current Residence: Well, I currently don’t pay rent anywhere, so I am sort of a squatter between Brooklyn and Yonkers.  I guess I am a resident of Bronkers or Yonklyn whichever you fancy. Profession: Master of Legal Studies and part time […]

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Nicks Photo

Nick Walker

Place of Birth: Boston, Mass. Current Residence: The land of great Greek food and Beer Gardens, Astoria Queens Profession: It’s a work in progress. Favorite Footy Team: NY Magpies / Bronx Warriors – It’s the Year of the Warrior! How did you get involved in footy?: After many Friday afternoons of watching YouTube AFL clips […]

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Andy Brennan

Place of Birth: Ararat, Victoria – born and bred! Current Residence: Upper West Side Profession: Kaplan – yes I wear a purple shirt Favourite Footy Team: Western Bulldogs (and the New York Magpies of course!) How did you get involved in footy?: From the age of 5 started imitating Gary Ablett Sr out the front […]

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Andrea Casillas

Place of Birth: Alberquerque, NM Current Residence: BROOKLYN! Profession: Permanent student of life currently dabbling in international property law Favourite Footy Team: Good ole Collingwood forever How did you get involved in footy?: I drank the fruit punch…then found out it was sangria and came to during a game. Best weekend ever! What do you […]

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