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Brad Davis

Place of Birth: New York Current Residence: Manhattan, NY Favorite Footy Team: I’m a free agent for AFL fandom. Position: Operations for Management team, Defense on the field Aspirations: Look like I know what I’m doing…on the playing field. Favorite Drink: Benton’s Old Fashioned (Bacon Bourbon Old Fashioned) Favorite Food: Stewed Eggplant with minced ham […]

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Ed McCormick

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA Current Residence: Hoboken, NJ Profession: Hedge Fund Manager Favourite Footy Team: The Magpies (NY & Collingwood) How did you get involved in footy?: Brother-in-law talked me into it. What do you like most about footy?: Teammates–The men and women of the Pies are individually and collectively an amazing group of […]

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Paul Guarino

Place of Birth: Unknown Current Residence: 388 Greenwich (Citi/Work) Profession: Investment Banker aka “Glorified Consultant” aka “I had nothing to do with the recession, I swear.” Favourite Footy Team: Carlton Blues and the Magpies How did you get involved in footy?: Thought it was rugby. What do you like most about footy?: Never knowing when […]

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chris norman

Chris Norman

Place of Birth: Tongala, home to the “Golden Cow”, the “most progressive” Dairy Centre in Oz. According to wiki also home to a recently opened ‘Donkey Retreat’ providing “care and shelter for abused, abandoned donkeys rescued throughout Victoria.” (Population, 1623) Current Residence: With two cool chicks and a guy in Chelsea Profession: Finance Favourite Footy […]

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