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Caitlin Reller

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesota Current Residence: Kensington…what what, Brooklyn! Profession: Wah..I have an art degree. Favourite Footy Team: The one Jaaiine is on. How did you get involved in footy?: I was forced…seriously dragged out of the house and forced to go to Jersey by my roommates.  Little did they know I’d be the prodigy […]

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Sarah Sattin

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia Current Residence: East Village – in the tiniest but cutest apartment. Profession: Nonprofit Favourite Footy Team: NY Magpies, duhh!! How did you get involved in footy?: I met some of the Lady Pies in my PunkRope class in January – the theme of the class was Australia! What do you […]

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Erin Polulach

Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio (Midwest born & breed) Current Residence: Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY Profession: Accountant-Tax. I basically interview engineers to determine if their activities qualify the company for a tax credit. Fun stuff!!! Favourite Footy Team: Sturt Double Blues (SANFL) of course. Joker and I look forward to getting our memberships each year…Thanks […]

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