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Greg Smith

Name: Gregory Smith. “Smithy” or “Fleety” in football circles Place of Birth: Quorn, South Australia Current Residence: Brooklyn Profession: Interning at the Australian Mission to the United Nations, but a lawyer by training. Favourite Footy Team: Essendon Bombers. How did you get involved in footy?: Kick-to-kick with the Old Man, and it grew from there. […]

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Cam Druitt

Name: Cam Druitt Place of Birth: Shepparton, Victoria Current Residence: Shepparton – Yes, I’ve come full circle after 7 years in Melbourne and 4½ in New York! Profession: Land Surveyor Favourite Footy Team: NY Magpies and Melbourne Demons How did you get involved in footy?: Soon after arriving in NY, I saw the Pies as […]

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Rosemary Beer

Name: Rosemary Beer Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia Current Residence: East Village, New York Profession: Advertising Favourite Footy Team: Hawthorn How did you get involved in footy?: Jimmy Polulach, Andy Brennan and Adam Scholem were regulars at Eight Mile Creek where I worked when I first got to New York. They invited me along. What […]

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batty boy

Shane F Batty

Place of Birth: Cowes, Phillip Island, Australia Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York Profession: Pub crawls Favourite Footy Team: Brisbane Lions/NY Pies How did you get involved in footy?: Too cold to surf in the winter in Victoria What do you like most about footy?: Road trips and kickin goals Position: Hmmmmm, as time goes on […]

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E. Tobias Tornay

Place of Birth: Harlem, New York Current Residence: Brooklyn Profession: Marketeer Favourite Footy Team: Magpies, Lady Magpies, The Jets How did you get involved in footy?: These 2 crazy girls What do you like most about footy?: Knocking heads, boat races, and road trips Position: The guy who runs around hitting people Aspirations: To be […]

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Jude Lonergan

Place of Birth: Australia’s National Capital – no not Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbaaaaane…… Current Residence: St Marks Place – very handy for updates to my ink and piercings Profession: I train dolphins at Seaworld and occasionally moonlight as an engineer. Favourite Footy Team: Canberra Raiders, woops wrong code… New York Magpies then…. How did you […]

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