NYCAFL Mens Grand Final Preview

The stage is set! The Village “Boho” Bohemiens have completed their worst-to-first season tour, and are set to take on the Suburban “Trash” Tollmen in Saturday’s NYCAFL Grand Final.

Led by their Captain, Connor “Conman” Delves, Boho stormed out to a strong 3-0 record to start the NYCAFL season, with two dominant double digit wins included. First overall pick Adam “Eddie” Edwards proved his worth by slashing through the midfield and showing that his prime selection spot was not wasted. Eddie was joined by draftmates Richard “Roo” Wharton, Nate Travena, and alongside Conman and longtime Boho player Mike Magic Murphy, created a formidable midfield that was out of the contest before you could blink your eyes. Veteran fullback Ash Cleary has been a mainstay holding down the defensive line keeping opponents off the board. The high scoring Boho was led up front by the current Golden Boot leader Kane Peddler, who has been hampered by injuries, and the equally as dangerous Adam Ringo Marr, who has a few bags of his own. This Boho team excels with their speed, and leads a strong offensive attack with a threat to score from anywhere on their attacking side if they hold possession. A few key injuries and absences saw Boho finish the regular season 5-3, but hold a major advantage on percentage as they hope to have their high-flying offense bring them home one last time.

The defending champions, Trash, are led by a trio of veteran co-captains in Shane Pud Lowry, Karl Schoey Schoenmaker, and Isaac Martin. With Martin holding down the fort in the back, alongside young American Matteo “Pieces” Reiss and longtime Magpie Troy “Ragdoll” Danilo, Schoey and Pud are free to clean up any attack that finds its way through the midfield to spring their own midfield forward. That midfield is centered around rookie American Matty Kennelly, first round pick Skye “Hits like A” Hammer, and Nathan “Bad Boy” Freebody. Veterans Ojas “Juice” Desai and Mickey Hiebl round out the squad that fights hard at every ball and wins their defensive battles. There’s no shortage of talent on this Trash side, and they hope their experience can lead them to another finals victory.

“The one we’ve all been waiting for, Trash Vs Boho grandfinal. With a three wins Boho one win Trash for the season results Trash are coming in as underdogs, but with the whole squad injury free and back from weekends in the hamptons they are looking forward to having a red hot crack and going back to back premiers.” – Isaac Martin, captain of Trash

“The famed final Saturday of July is here. After a dominant home and home season, the Boho boys look to seal the deal on the metro league. With Trash rumoured to be fielding their strongest side of the year, nothing will come easy in chasing the flag. One things for sure, Boho will give it all they’ve got, with winners piss high on the agenda!” Connor Deves, Boho captain

A battle of a fast offense vs a strong defense. A story of redemption vs a story of consistency. Two teams set to battle it out, one last Saturday, to take home the trophy and be the 2021 NYCAFL Champions.

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