Kings of the East – EAFL Champions and Local Dominance

On Saturday, September 8th, the New York Magpie men topped off the EAFL season with two wins, winning the 2018 EAFL trophy with a memorable season.
The boys followed it up with two wins over local rivals Philadelphia and Baltmore on September 22nd in some friendly exhibition matches.

After 6 league games this season, the New York Magpies were on top of the EAFL table, winning by 4 points and a whopping percentage. The season, which included 4 games away and 2 home games, started back on June 2nd when the black and white army flew to North Carolina to face off against Philadelphia and the NC Tigers. In those games, New York went 1-1, falling to Philadelphia in a hard slog. Next up, the Magpies traveled to Baltimore, knocking off the Dockers, along with the also-traveling Columbus Cats. And on September 8th, the stage was set for the season finale, with New York facing the DC Eagles and the title-challenging Boston Demons.

New York Magpies vs Washington DC Eagles

The Eagles put up a tough fight, traveling well on the road, and presenting a full arsenal. But the Magpies broke away early, never allowing the Eagles back in all game. Eddie Heppt dominated on the wing, while Michael Murphy shone up forward. The Magpies ran out winners by 18 points, setting themselves up for a season-defining Grand Final against the Boston Demons.

New York Magpie Men: 7.2 (44)
Washington DC Eagles: 4.2 (26)
Goals: Franklin 3, Jankie, Holmesby, Murphy, Lowry.
Best: Franklin, Jankie, Sabet, Schoenmaekers, Heppt.

New York Magpies vs Boston Demons

Now level on points in the season with Columbus, and with Boston out of the title chase after their loss to the DC Eagles, the Magpies needed a win to seal the competition shut. The final game of the day was set to excite… with New York putting their strongest team on the field, managing to get David “Orry” Orr off the golf course, and back onto the footy field for a return game. It didn’t take long for Orry to show signs of Dallas 2016, snagging 2 early goals and giving New York pole position. Joined by fellow Dixon employees,  “Ringo” and Josh “Shotgun” Symonds, the forward line made up in skill what they lacked in pace. ‘Ringo’ snagged two of his own, before Orr was moved to full back to shut down a rampant Demons full forward.
This didn’t stop Orry from running the length of the field off his man, to snag his third.

In the middle, Youssef “Fakie” Sabet played well in his debut games for the club, while Mike “Dicko” Dixon showed his footy intelligence. Troy ‘Ragdoll’ Danilo killed it in this 50th game for the club, showing his undying Magpie spirit.
The Magpies ran over the top of the Boston side, winning the game, the round, and the season, in a memorable day for the club. The loss to Philadelphia early in the season was avenged, with the season going to the Black and White army. The Kings of the East had risen again, just in time for a 2018 Nationals campaign.

New York Magpie Men: 9.7 (61)
Boston Demons: 6.2 (38)
Goals: Orr 3, Daniels 2, Ringo 2, Sabet, Dixon.
Best: Orr, Daniels, Lowry, Franklin, Heppt.


New York Magpies vs Philadelphia Hawks

The Magpies traveled to play Philly with vengeance on our minds and a lot to prove. Ojas “Juice” Desai, a club veteran, didn’t mince words when he was quoted as saying a week prior, “If we lose to Philly again i’m going to f—ing retire.” Needless to say, those present to his pregame bombshell were committed to showing Philadelphia that the Magpies mean business. This was displayed most obviously by “Ringo”, as he showed great restraint and only smoking half a pack of cigarettes instead of his usual full load before we took the field.

After winning the toss and electing to kick with the wind under our wings, the Magpies, led by Kane “Yeah Yeah” Pedler, Marcus “Yankee” Jankie, and the veteran Desai, slotted successive goals to provide us with a dream opening lead that would be built upon as the game continued.

The team was playing fierce and clicking well, with coach, Shane “Pud” Lowry deciding to play as loose as his gut and provide rebound from the backline. Adam “Buddy” Franklin and Michael “Magic” Murphy make sure the opposition received a good dose of sledging when it was due, and ‘Yankee’ throwing an ‘elbow-to-the-throat don’t argue’.

Overall, the final result was a very pleasing one for the team. Vengeance was ours.

New York Magpie Men: 6.7 (37)
Philadelphia Hawks: 1.3 (9)
Goals: Pedler 3, Jankie 2, Desai.
Best: Pedler, Desai, Jankie, Bowman, Martin.


New York Magpies vs Baltimore Dockers

After a quick break it was back out there for the battle hardened Magpies. This time it was boys from Baltimore who were attempting an upset in a 16 on 16 affair.

The line-up remained largely unchanged and even Michael ‘Magic’ Murphy took to the field against the wishes of the club medicos after what had looked like a career threatening knee injury. With Racine only a few weeks away, the Pies were keen to show the competition that they would be the ones to beat.

The game started in similar fashion to the first with the Pies kicking with the wind and the Black and White getting on top early. The usual suspects of Marcus “Yankee” Jankie & Adam “Buddy” Franklin were working in sync with Ben ‘Nails’ Naylor driving the ball forward and causing much concern for the Baltimore backs. ‘Ringo’ & Bobby ‘Dazzler’ McDowell continued to present but it was the fine foot skills of Kane The Pedler who continued to display his forward prowess and slot a few goals for the wanting crowd.

The Pies went into half time with a comfortable 4 goal lead however the signs of fatigue were showing…

The second half became a slog. Kicking into the breeze it become a grind with the hard bodies of Nick “David Bowie” Bowman & Rob “Hyphenated” Barone-Nugent working overtime to thwart the Dockers forward drives. Tim ‘Arc de Triomphe’ Arakelian & David ‘Macca’ McNair stood tall in defense but it was the marshaling work of Isaac ‘you’re the voice’ Martin that was most impressive as set up the boys well down back. Coach Shane ‘Pud’ Lowry found another gear and had the ball on a string across the backline teaming up with Franklin & Jankie time and again to run the ball out of the backline.

When the siren rang, it was the miserly defensive unit of the Magpies that had yet again held the opposition to a single goal and ran out 19 point winners.

Post match highlights included some great displays of shotgun ability; a 10 yard pinpoint pass can knockdown off the top of Buddy’s head from Pud; and $2.50 froths & 52 chicken wings for $52 – gotta love those Philly prices.

BOB – Best on bus = Troy & Joshy – say no more…

New York Magpie Men: 4.4 (28)
Baltimore Dockers: 1.3 (9)
Goals: Pedler 3, Ringo.
Best: Daniels, Jankie, Murphy, Martin, Franklin.

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