2017 Annual General Meeting Results

On January 22nd, the club held its 2017 AGM meeting at the Australian. An overall 2016 season recap was delivered to attendees in addition to a review of the club’s finances. After this review, elections were held for Board and Management positions.

To start off, the club is pleased to announce that head coaches, Sean Holmesby and Christina Licata, will return to their coaching roles for the 2017 season.

This year, both Paul Guarino and Chris Norman stepped down from their respective positions. A huge thank you to them for all of their contributions to the club including the many conference phone calls, emails and countless hours of planning.

The following were elected to Board positions:

President: Drea Casillas

Vice Presidents: Christina Licata and Toby Carrington

Secretary: Sean Holmesby

Treasurer: Joanne Remillard

Chairman: Nick Walker

We also had many new faces transition into Management roles. There are a lot of members who poured in much of their free time to ensure that our events, games and training sessions were successful. Thank you to our outgoing Management leaders for creating the strong foundation necessary for our club to continue to grow.

The following were the elected to Management positions:

Events Manager: Ali Davis

Social Event Chairs: Danielle Gallagher and James Polulach

NYCAFL Commissioner: Adam Marr

Team Travel Coordinator: Andrew Manfredi

Merchandise Manager: Taylor Davidson

Social Media and Content Managers: Clare Algozin and Andrew Davis

Ground and Reporting Manager: Julie Lee

Webmaster: Chris Bate

Umpire Ambassador: Ryan Willsmore

Recruitment and Development Managers: Michael Murphy and Lissa Regets

Sponsorship: Toby Carrington, Lauren Skonieczny, and Matt Lovell

Stats Guru: Andy Brennan

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