Alex Aurrichio

10648268_852299181449984_4369759328886087036_oCurrent Residence Kew, Victoria with Former NY Magpie Joel Daniher, his wife Nicci and daughter, Addison

Favorite Footy Teams Carlton, as a member of the Northern Blues I’m keen on seeing how the big club performs this year

How did you get involved with Australian Rules Football? I was recruited by AFL recruiters to attend the US combine last April, in Los Angeles. Had no idea what the AFL was. But after learning about the AFL at the combine I was interested in pursuing a career and followed up by joining the NY Magpies, which was an exciting opportunity to learn the game in NYC. Great team of of Australians who mentored me in the game that culminated with winning the 2014 National Championship. Followed by putting a highlight tape on YouTube and being flown out to Australia a week later by the club, meeting and working out with multiple clubs including Collingwood, Sandringham, Essendon, Adelaide, Coburg before eventually landing with the Northern Blues.

What do you like most about footy? I love the constant action and the physical nature of the game. The competitive rush and physical punishment is addicting.

Position Tall Forward, Back/Fullback, Ruck

What has been the biggest challenge so far playing footy in Australia? Biggest challenge has been learning the terminology of words used by the clubs to institute game plans and strategy. Understanding what the coaches want based on the words they use. i.e. The “Fat” and “Skinny” sides of the field. Whereas in America we would say the strongish and weak side. It’s learning a new language but once you understand the translations it is easy to grasp.

What is your ultimate goal playing Aussie Rules? Making an AFL List and playing in an official AFL Game

Have you gotten a nickname yet? Surprisingly – No nickname yet. Sometimes get called the Yank, because I’m American. Still waiting for a solid nickname!

Besides winning the 2014 National Championship, what was your favorite Magpie experience? The team trip for the Boston Tournament. Always fun beating Boston rivals and I’d like to say more but what happens on the bus, stays on the bus.

Alex Blues ThumbAlex travelled to Australia to make it big in the AFL after the 2014 National Championship. Working hard day in and day out paid off, as Alex signed with the Northern Blues and was chosen to participate in the 2015 VFL Academy Squad. We couldn’t be prouder of Alex and wish him success in achieving his ultimate goal – playing in the AFL!

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