Collingwood Partnership Grows

Since their inception in 1997, the New York Magpies have been an affiliate club of the Collingwood Football Club, the biggest professional sports club in Australia. The two clubs share a number of similarities, including the year 2010, when both sets of Magpies won their respective titles, with Collingwood taking out the 2010 AFL Premiership and New York winning the Division 1 title at the 2010 USAFL Nationals.

In August, the black and white partnership was formalized by Collingwood CEO Gary Pert who announced the New York Magpies as Collingwood’s first international supporter group. This followed a meeting in July between administrators of the two clubs at the Magpie’s sponsor, The Australian Bar and Restaurant, where the two clubs discussed a global strategy aimed at growing both the game of Australian Rules and the Magpie brand in the world’s largest economy. Through the New York Magpies’ supporter network, Collingwood has now signed up over 300 international members based in the United States, to add to their 80,000 members in Australia. Collingwood’s new international members received a Magpie supporter pack including a black and white scarf and other team paraphernalia. In a TV segment announcing the partnership Pert said, “It’s all part of our international strategy to say ‘if you are a Collingwood supporter and you want to be connected to the club, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world’”.

See the announcement here on CollingwoodTV, staring the New York Magpie’s very own Michael Murphy and Drea Casillas.

The Pies were happy to host Eddie McGuire from Collingwood to celebrate the 2014 Premiership!

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