The New York Magpies win over the Philadelphia Hawks

The Pies beat Philly in Yonkers over the weekend 8.14 to 0.9 in round 1 of season 2014. The Magpies overshadowed the Philadelphia Hawks, with the backline clearly dominating the Hawks every attempt at goal for all 4 quarters. Scoring was spread across the Magpies lineup with T. Smith leading the charge with 3 goals and one goal apiece for Alex Kwiatkowski, Nick Walker, Ric Ribas Leumann and Mike Fraitta (1 goal unaccounted for).

Given that this was the first game of the USAFL season, the Magpies are off to a good start, but they still have a ways to go if they wish to win this years USAFL Nationals in Dublin Ohio.

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