The Lady Pies Travel North

The Lady Pies traveled to Montreal, Canada for the first ever women’s tournament in the city with Boston, New York, andMontreal vying for the 2012 AFL Quebec Women’s Pre-season Cup. Lady Magpie veterans led the team of mostly first-time players against a more experienced Boston Lady Demons team in the first match of the weekend. While the new Lady Pies’ gained their footing, Boston came out for a quick lead that continued on until the final whistle.

The Lady Pies’ match-up against the Montreal Angels proved to be a better showing for New York. The backline held strong in the first half keeping the game within reach for the Lady Pies, but difficulty in scoring took its toll in the end despite the great effort by rookies and veterans alike. New to the black and white jumper, Emily Royer kicked the only goal for the Pies during the weekend and ultimately took home the medal for rookie standout for the Lady Pies.

Although the Lady Pies came back to the Big Apple without a win, the vets were happy to put their boots back on for the first games of the season with a group of amazing new recruits. Lady Pies’ Captain Drea Casillas said, “The tournament provided some great experience to our rookies. We are thrilled with their enthusiasm for the game and look forward to seeing their development throughout the season. It looks promising.”

The Montreal Angels defeated the Lady Demons keeping the 2012 AFL Quebec Women’s Cup at home in the City of Saints.


New York Lady Pies     0.1.1

Boston Lady Demons   6.5.41


New York Lady Pies     1.2.8

Montreal Angels          6.4.40


Boston Lady Demons   1.2.8

Montreal Angels          6.4.40

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