Australia Day Costume Party Wrap

The New York Magpies Australia Day party in 2012 took on an iconic feeling with numerous well known Australian’s joining the Magpies to celebrate the greatest country in the world. Angus Young from AC/DC mixed with Chopper Read and the Red Wiggle while Pat Cash faced off with Pat Cash and Lleyton Hewitt got involved as well. Contrary to popular rumour Warwick Capper is not the Magpies latest recruit although Shane Warne may be having a run around in the NYCAFL later in the year. Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman led the charge as everyone at the party chased down the jar of Vegemite for a proper Australian meal to end the night.

As has been the way throughout the Magpies history, Australia Day was celebrated long and hard into the night. Photos of all the costumes which were taken by superstar club member Rob Donner can be found here.

The New York Magpies would like to thank everyone that attended as well as our great club sponsors and supporters especially Matt Astill and the Australian Bar & Restaurant for hosting the event as part of a busy Australia Day week.

Several costumes stood out above the rest with the winners of the costume awards being:

Best Group Costume – Eddy Buckingham and Kayli Shallik











Best Female Costume Winner – Kylie McMaster











Best Female Costume Runner Up – Christina Licata











Best Male Costume Winner – Tristan Keeffe











Best Male Costume Runner Up – Chris Norman











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