Week 3

I felt that this week would be really important in the lead up to my trip as it was so congested with training and games, so it would be interesting to see if I could keep my body fit.

Since I rested Saturday, I did a 3km and 5 400s on Sunday.  I felt really good after this workout because I pushed hard through each of the 400s, but could still feel all the previous training paying off, as I was able to recover in the allotted 75 seconds between runs.  With recovery time being one of the main focuses of my training, it is really gratifying to see it start to have an effect.   I followed this session with another really solid sprint session the next day when I, found out that my hurling game had been moved from that afternoon to Thursday.

Tuesday I had a senior Gaelic Football game in the evening.  I started in the half back line, but got moved to midfield to win the high ball.  I played that role fairly well, and ran well the whole game.  My direct opponent was pretty fit, and we had a good one-on-one contest but as a whole our team played really well (especially the guys who play with my underage club) and we won.   The next night I had a game with that underage club (the Rangers) and our opponent was a relatively new club with a lot of players who are just learning the game so we won handily.

Thursday I was supposed to have a hurling game but about 45 minutes from the starting time thunderstorms moved in and it was postponed again.  The storms also kept me from going out for a run as they were pretty intense, but I did my own mini-workout indoors.

Friday was the first round of the NYCAFL, the Magpies’ intra-club league.  This year there are a lot of new faces and it’s great to see how popular the smaller version of the game has become since it offers game experience in a less intense environment than full-sided games against rival teams.  It was good fun and we, the Rats, kept up our winning ways with a two-point win over the Times Square Tourists (who, by the way, had stacked their midfield with guns Jordan McIntyre and Todd Smith).

Saturday I pulled up with some calf tightness, but it does not prevent me from sprinting, just causes a little discomfort.  I made the decision with my coach, Glenn Ormsby, to not do anything other than the games I had to play with my other clubs, however I was going to take it easy and if I felt any more pain I was going to stop.  So, for  the moment extra training is out of the question. Next week I’ll be travelling and have a bit of a break from training so hopefully I’ll be ready to get back into it after that.

Thanks for reading about my week, and stay tuned for next week when I make my way down over the Equator.

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