Week 2

Training this week kicked off on Memorial Day, and the holiday also brought with it stifling heat. Unfortunately, due to a morning commitment and an afternoon barbeque I had to run at 3 in the afternoon in 95-plus degree heat. It definitely slowed me down a bit, but it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to have done the workout regardless of the weather. Tuesday training was with the Magpies but I had my last mass with my class before graduation at the same time as training, so mass took precedent. However, that morning I spent around 5 hours touring my uncle from Ireland around Manhattan so at the least I burned some serious calories that day.

Wednesday was frustrating for me because I was scheduled to do a beep test and then interval training, but my quads got really tight around level 9 on the beep test. I suspect it may have been a combination of the heat and walking around for 5 hours in flip-flops the previous day. My mom tried to remind me not to be too hard on myself as sometimes your body just doesn’t respond or recover the way you want it to, but with the trip being so close it is hard to not get a little frustrated. When I got home I filled the tub with cold water and threw some ice into it to try and freshen up my leg muscles. I don’t exactly know how effective this is, but it seems to be working or at least having a placebo effect. My legs felt much better later on in the day when I had Gaelic Football training. Luckily it was not too strenuous and I got through the few sprints and mini training match just fine.

Thursday gave me a chance to get my legs back in working order since it was strength-training day. I don’t exactly expect to put on muscle with this training because it mainly targets the muscles from the chest down to the knees. With the emphasis on core strength in the modern game, it’s more about working out the right muscles than trying to bulk up.

Friday I left open as I realized that the next week was going to be packed with games and training. I was scheduled to have 5 different games with my various clubs over 7 days in addition to fitting in some training. I decided to treat it all as one big block of match and aerobic fitness training. Saturday I had a Gaelic Football game with the Rangers again and we won pretty comfortably. The next week will be very busy with games each day from Tuesday to Friday.

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to update you on the coming week.


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