Week 1

The weekend before I started my training program included a footy tournament and Gaelic football and hurling games. For the footy the NY Magpies travelled down to Baltimore to play two games of 2×20 minute halves against Philadelphia and Baltimore/D.C. Our tackling across the ground was great and we stuck to our ball movement patterns so we were able to come away with two wins. Thankfully that success made the four-and-a-half hour bus ride home (including a minor accident with a New Jersey Transit bus) seem much shorter.

The next morning I was up for a u-18 Gaelic Football game at 11 o’clock followed by hurling at 2:30pm. We lost the first game and won the second.

After this long weekend my heels were very sore and cut up. I wanted to make sure they were 100% before I got going with the running so I gave them two days to get better. To keep active I did some strength work including a few sets of pushups, squats and jumps, and some core work. Wednesday I started running and did a beep test followed by intervals of sprints, jogging, and walking. My dad brought me to a parking lot at a nearby park to do the beep test but there was a serious slope, so I was going uphill for half and downhill the other way (even though by the end it all felt like uphill).

Thursday I had a Gaelic Football final with my club the Rangers so I did my workout early on in the day so I could recover for the game. We lost, but I’ve noticed that I can run a lot more in the games now than at the start of the year, which is a good sign.

On Friday I did some shorter sprints like 200s, 100s, and 50s. Saturday I did sprint and agility work in the afternoon that simulates the agility test that they do at the AFL combine. My mom came along with me to help set up the cones and time me. Again I was stuck with a slope albeit a smaller one this time since we picked a different parking lot. Sunday was my day for rest and it was Memorial Weekend so I was glad to have the day free. I’ll have to take it easy at the barbeques so I don’t have a stomach ache when I’m running again on Monday and Tuesday.

Thanks for reading about my first week of training for my trip to Australia

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