Vics kick away in the 2nd half to beat the Allies

In the traditional annual State of Origin match the Victorians fielded a powerful team and were heavy favorites with the bookmakers. However, the Allies were determined not to let the Vics win 3 in a row.  Both midfields traded in hard to start the game and neither team could gain a mental each. The Vic’s was backline was on top and they went into the first break with a handy 3 goal lead.

After some positional moves at quarter time, the Allies got their running game going and piled on a few quick goals. With the Aliies backline in control, they piled on a few more goals and were looking like taking a lead into the main change. However, the Vics kicked a couple of late goals against the run of play to go into the halftime break with a 3 point lead.

Both teams took advantage of the break and came out full of running. It was an arm wrestle for the first 10 minutes as the the game hit a frenetic pace. However it was the Vics who broke the deadlock and in a 10 minute span kicked 5 goals. The Vics big names were living up to their reputation, however the Allies fought on and got a couple of late ones to keep the contest alive at three quarter time.

In the last quarter the Allies threw everything at the Vics but they couldn’t penetrate into the forward line and the Vics kicked away to a comfortable lead and controlled the rest of the match. In the end the Vic’s just had a little too much class to make it 3 in a row but they Allies certainly proved they will be a force in the coming years. There were a lot of new faces in the game and this only bodes well for the club overall.

Thanks to Arne Pulle for a terrific solo umpiring effort, showing he has really developed his skills. The Rob Oliver medal, awarded to the best on ground as judged by the umpire, went to Jack Taylor (Victoria)

Victoria 4.4  6.9  11.12  14.18   102 def
Allies     1.2  6.6    8.7         9.9      63

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