New York rebounds with tough win over Philly

After suffering their first loss of the season a few weeks ago, New York didn’t have to wait long for their chance at redemption.  The Magpies had a few key players returning and were primed to start well and that’s exactly what they did when their Captain, Andy Brennan, kicked the opening goal in the first two minutes of the game. Brennan had finished off some strong bullocking work by Donner in the forward line.

However, the Magpies seemed to relax and Philly took full advantage, winning the contested ball in the middle and controlling much of the first quarter. This enabled them to go into the quarter time break leading by 1 goal.

The second quarter saw the Magpies continue their sluggish form. The game was being played in the Magpies back half and if not for the tremendous work of their back line, the Magpies would have been down by a considerably larger margin. Caldwell, Thompson and Davis all held their opponents to little or no influence while Georgiou, McMaster and Miller found plenty of the ball. When the Magpies were able to finally get control of the possession, McMahon took a brilliant one on one mark in the goal square to kick the pies only goal of the second quarter.

At the half time break the pies were down 5.10.40 to 2.2.14 and looking in serious trouble. The coaching staff made a few changes and told the players in no uncertain term that they weren’t working hard enough.

This seemed to work as the Magpies came out breathing fire and kicked 5 goals in 10 minutes. First it was Blandford and Buxton combining to hit a leading Squires who kicked truly, then Rush and Brennan combined to kick truly for the Magpies. This was followed by goals again to Brennan and Buxton as a result of work of Kerr, Mantzaris and Taylor in the midfield. By the time Spataro had kicked truly the Pies had taken the lead and had the momentum.

Both teams wasted scoring opportunities for the rest of the quarter and NY went into the last break leading by 3 points and full of running.

The last quarter was played at a frenetic pace and with McCormick, Lyndon and Stone all winning the ball forward of the centre, however the Magpies kept wasting chances to give themselves breathing space. Keeffe, Walsh and Desai all got their hands on the ball and provided plenty of supply to the forwards and it resulted in a brilliant piece of team play ending with Torney taking a great mark running with the flight of the ball. Torney composed himself and kicked truly from 35 meters out to give the Magpies some breathing space. Despite both teams missing a few more shots on goal, the Magpies held on and out winners by 10 points. This was a high pressure game played by two high quality teams.

New York’s record for the season now sits at 5-1.

After the match New York Assistant Coach Adam Overell paid credit to how much Philly had improved saying “they got us in Philly a few weeks ago and put up another strong performance today which shows they have really come a long way”. However, Overell was also trying to find a reason for New York’s lacklustre first half saying “we thought the guys looked OK in the warmup but they just couldn’t get out of first gear in the opening half. We made a few moves at half time but it was the players who decided to put their head over the ball and have a real crack in the second half and it showed what we can do when we get going. However you can’t play half a game of football and expect to be successful so that’s something we’ll have to go away and work on”.

New York Magpies def  8.11.59 def Philadelphia Hawks 5.19.49
Best: Georgiou, McMaster, Blandford, Stone, Buxton
Goals: Brennan 3, McMahon, Squires, Spataro, Buxton, Torney

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