Brett Kirk Trains NY Magpies in wet

As part of his duties of being an AFL Ambassador, Brett Kirk is travelling across the world promoting the AFL International Cup (to read about his adventure go to or follow him on twitter @brettkirk). Part of that trip landed him in New York for a week and the NY Magpies were more than happy to learn all they could from the Premiership Captain, All Australian and all round good guy.

Brett took the New York Magpies training and although the conditions were a little wild he took charge showing the Magpies a range of drills and skills. The players and coaching staff soaked up what Brett had to say and he imparted a tremendous amount of knowledge on everyone.

The New York Magpies would like to thank Brett and his family for their time whilst in New York and wish them all the best for their rest of their trip. The Magpies will be keeping up to date on BrettÒ€ℒs journey through his blog.

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