Leigh Malcolmson to train the Pies

The Magpies are excited to announce that Leigh Malcolmson will be taking a special training Tuesday, March 30, 2010 and Tuesday, April 13, 2010. Leigh is a NASM certified personal trainer based in NYC, specializing in MUAY THAI. The art of MUAY THAI uses punches, elbows, knees and kicks. According to Leigh this Mixed Martial Arts training will provide great strength and conditioning for the Magpies players, including stabilization, strength, core, power and explosive training.

This promises to be a great session and the Magpies encourage all players to try and make an effort to get to this special training as Leigh is donating his time and skills for free.

Leigh has also put together a special package for all Magpies players and supporters. He is offering a free training Muay Thai lesson for all players and supporters. With summer just around the corner its a great offer and you don’t have to be a football player to get a great workout. According to Leigh, “MUAY THAI is a total body workout that improves your muscular endurance, strength and power, balance and flexibility, core strength, body conditioning, coordination and reaction time, speed and agility, and burns ALOT of calories! Training in MUAY THAI will transform your body!” The benefits of MUAY THAI are endless….……

He can be contacted at leighmalcolmson@hotmail.com or you can follow him on Facebook.

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