NY Lady Magpies at USAFL Nationals 2009

Game 1

In the first game of the 2009 Nationals, the Lady Magpies came up short against the Arizona Lady Hawks.  Although the Magpies fought hard and kept the pressure on their defensive side, they came up short on the scoreboard to one of their biggest rivals.

Arizona Lady Hawks 3.6-24 defeated the New York Lady Magpies 2.4-16

Game 2

The Calgary Blue, Nationals 2008 champions, proved to be a tough match for the Lady Magpies.  The Blues racked up too many goals for the Lady Magpies to answer, but as always New York battled until the last second of the game.

Calgary Blue 7.2-44 defeated the New York Lady Magpies 0.2-2

Game 3

In the final match against the Eastern Canada/Sacramento fusion team, the Lady Magpies proved they could put points on the board and hold their opponents to a close game.  In the end, the Lady Magpies lost by only a behind in the most skillful, physical game they’ve played yet.

Eastern Canada/Sacramento 1.2-8 defeated the New York Lady Magpies 1.1-7

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