Shane F Batty

batty boyPlace of Birth: Cowes, Phillip Island, Australia
Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Profession: Pub crawls
Favourite Footy Team: Brisbane Lions/NY Pies
How did you get involved in footy?: Too cold to surf in the winter in Victoria
What do you like most about footy?: Road trips and kickin goals
Position: Hmmmmm, as time goes on I feel I belong in the forward line.
Aspirations: Playing nationals somewhere warm and winning with the Pies.
Favourite Drink: Acai, banana, and honey smoothie
Favourite Food: Pork that falls off the bone and anything Asian and spicy
Favourite Movie: Dumb and Dumber/Euro Trip
Most Favourite Thing: Surfing in boardies
Random Piece of Info: Sunglasses don’t fit me cos my ears are too high on my head!!

**Batty has won the Golden Boot for the Pies for 2 consecutive years, although his boot isn’t the only thing that’s golden.  Unanimously, Batty has been voted best road tripper for the Pies.

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