Paul Guarino

Place of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence:
388 Greenwich (Citi/Work)
Investment Banker aka “Glorified Consultant” aka “I had nothing to do with the recession, I swear.”
Favourite Footy Team:
Carlton Blues and the Magpies
How did you get involved in footy?:
Thought it was rugby.
What do you like most about footy?:
Never knowing when I might be knocked unconscious.
Everything but Ruck
Grow a foot and a half so that I can play ruck.
Favourite Drink:
Favourite Food:
BBQ Shapes
Favourite Movie:
Troll 2 (Yes, they made one and thought it deserved a sequel.)
Most Favourite Thing: Traveling, yet I still haven’t been to Vegas…
Random Piece of Info:
That picture was taken 5 minutes into my first game ever, I love this game.

**Guarino is known to be confused for an Australian…or an American.  It just depends who you’re talking to.

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