Mike (Magic) Murphy

MikeProfilePlace of Birth: NYC’s NYU Medical Center, 1st Ave and 33rd Street, Room 607.
Current Residence: Well, I currently don’t pay rent anywhere, so I am sort of a squatter between Brooklyn and Yonkers.  I guess I am a resident of Bronkers or Yonklyn whichever you fancy.
Profession: Master of Legal Studies and part time lover
Favourite Footy Team: NY Magpies (only team I really know or care to know)
How did you get involved in footy?: Well, when your girlfriend is the founder of the NY Magpies women’s team and she constantly questions your manhood until you strap on the boots, you have to just man up and do it.  So I did.  There has only been minimal emotional scarring.
What do you like most about footy?: Playing each game knowing there is a good chance I might die.
Position: Wing
Aspirations: To beat Iza and Zac in a men’s fashion throw down.
Favourite Drink: On the Beach – Painkillers. Craft beers any other time. I do fancy a nice cold lemonade every once in a while on a hot summer day when the sun is beating down, toasting my caramel skin.
Favourite Food: Chicken Souvalki with tomato, lettuce and Tzaziki Sauce.
Favourite Movie: Princess Bride
Most Favourite Thing: My hodge-podge Brooklyn family, my real family and my Magpie family.
Random Piece of Info: My last name is Irish, but I am brown – basically my great great grandfather was a redheaded army dude stationed in Puerto Rico.  One fine summer night at the social he spotted a woman, so exotic, so enticing he had to have her.  It was no easy task, but after much courting he was able to win her heart.  They made babies, lovely island babies.  The name carried through to my father, but all my other relatives on that side are Puerto Rican.  So I am essentially half Puerto Rican and half Greek with an Irish last name.  Some call it a mutt I call it McPuerto Greecian.

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