Jude Lonergan


Place of Birth: Australia’s National Capital – no not Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbaaaaane……
Current Residence: St Marks Place – very handy for updates to my ink and piercings
Profession: I train dolphins at Seaworld and occasionally moonlight as an engineer.
Favourite Footy Team: Canberra Raiders, woops wrong code… New York Magpies then….
How did you get involved in footy?: My mate took me to a training at the local junior footy club one day when I was 15, I thought it was great and I’ve basically played ever since.
What do you like most about footy?: Obviously constantly kicking bags of goals on the senior burgers in the club is a highlight, but off the field I think the best thing about footy has been the people and the network that you instantly become a part of, its always very welcoming and inclusive which is pretty handy when you move to a new place.
Position: Full forward – yeah that’s right coach, you’ve been reading the board upside down all this time.
Aspirations: To run with JD.
Favourite Drink: Milo and Akta Vite double combo.
Favourite Food: Rice pudding
Favourite Movie: Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
Most Favourite Thing: Despite genuinely concerned offers to have it crushed and taken care of, it would be my baby blue 1969 Beetle.
Random Piece of Info: I was named after Thomas Hardy’s ‘Jude the Obscure’, not ‘Hey Jude’. The downside is that Jude was despised and tormented by his creator, Hardy, and led an ill-fated and tragic life…that’s my namesake, awesome…

**Jude, aka Judah, has some hard hits and great moves on the field, but his signature dance is his real claim to fame. Shake it, legend!

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