Erin Polulach

Place of Birth: Akron, Ohio (Midwest born & breed)erin
Current Residence: Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY
Profession: Accountant-Tax. I basically interview engineers to determine if their activities qualify the company for a tax credit. Fun stuff!!!
Favourite Footy Team: Sturt Double Blues (SANFL) of course. Joker and I look forward to getting our memberships each year…Thanks James.
How did you get involved in footy?: Peer Pressure
What do you like most about footy?: Hmmm…
Position: I’m flexible.
Aspirations: I’d love to take pastry arts classes, obtain my firearms permit, learn to drive a manual car and own a few more Boston terriers. (Joker is just not enough.)
Favourite Drink: Diet Coke
Favourite Food: Mexican, peanut butter, pumpkin flavored goods and any dessert (especially doughnuts and cake w/ lots of frosting)
Favourite Movie: Pride & Prejudice, Sleepless in Seattle/You’ve Got Mail (I’m a sucker for anything w/ Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks together.)
Most Favourite Thing: Wondering around a bookstore for hours – I enjoy reading political, history and travel books. I also enjoy cooking and collecting cookbooks (62 in total). Biking/exploring different parts of the city also occupies my weekends!
Random Pieces of Info: I love roller-coasters, but am terrified of the ferris wheel. I broke my arm decorating a Christmas tree and have been a Vegetarian for 14 years.

**Erin’s greatest accomplishment to date (besides living with Jimmy) is the first ever Lady Magpies’ goal in Colorado Springs during the 2008 Nationals.

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