E. Tobias Tornay

tobyPlace of Birth: Harlem, New York
Current Residence:
Favourite Footy Team:
Magpies, Lady Magpies, The Jets
How did you get involved in footy?:
These 2 crazy girls
What do you like most about footy?:
Knocking heads, boat races, and road trips
The guy who runs around hitting people
To be the guy who runs around hitting people and kicks goals.
Favourite Drink:
Jack Daniels Old Number 7
Favourite Food:
I’ll have what she’s having.
Favourite Movie:
Indiana Jones and Spinal Tap
Most Favourite Thing:
Spelling favorite correctly (real favorite thing not fit for print)
Random Piece of Info:
I don’t think you should be allowed to wear a plaid shirt unless you have cut down a tree with either a chain saw or an axe.

**Toby was awarded best non-Australian on field at the 2008 Nationals.  Besides his ferocious tackling, his outstanding and greatest accolade is best boat racer for the Pies (tied with Batty that is).

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