Andy Brennan

Place of Birth: Ararat, Victoria – born and bred!Andy
Current Residence: Upper West Side
Profession: Kaplan – yes I wear a purple shirt
Favourite Footy Team: Western Bulldogs (and the New York Magpies of course!)
How did you get involved in footy?: From the age of 5 started imitating Gary Ablett Sr out the front of our house, using a telephone pole and a tree as goal posts.
What do you like most about footy?: The smell of deep-heat in the changerooms before the game……and the road-trip home after the game.
On top
Aspirations: to outdo Coach’s mo in Movember.
Favourite Drink:
Favourite Food:
Chicken Parma
Favourite Movie: Snatch
Most Favourite Thing: Correcting Americans’ attempts at speaking Australian.
Random Piece of Info:
My girlfriend is plucking my eyebrows as I write this.

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